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How had a Long Time taken to Cook Foods in a Pressure Cooker

How to Cook Food in a Pressure Cooker

With the use of a pressure cooker, you simply ready with meals as per cooking time gets short out of past preparation. Whenever the pressure cooker reaches its high pressure, the cooking times on the tables start.

Ways to cook food in a pressure cooker

Shortest cooking time and you may considerably reach the texture as you desired. There are different ways to cook food using a pressure cooker and various ranges regarding cooking, like preparing steamed veggies the soup. The pressure cooker creation is presented in plenty of ways,

Steam under pressureCook Food in a Pressure Cooker

It is considered to be a technique to be adopted for the perfect preparation of fresh vegetables and fresh lobster. We use water, a steaming basket, or any tray for this type of steaming process. Also, some desserts like cheesecake, puddings and custards are prepared.


Fill the pressure cooker with 2 to 3 cups of water, place the steaming basket on the top to be filled with vegetables you desire to steam and finally close the cooker &place it with perfect cooking time, as it cooked under pressure.

Liquefied foods are relatively few soups and stews, all to be finely prepared under a pressure cooker, as the soup is a weight loss healthy food recipe.

Tips for successful pressure cooking

Apart from other kitchen appliances, Pressure cookers can save valuable time and money, helping you prepare delightful meals that retain nourishment values and often may be lost in other cooking methods. Pressure cooking requires some adjustments, however. So do follow these tips for the best pressure-cooking outcome,Tips for Successful Pressure Cooking

  • Initially have brown meats, poultry and a few vegetables, likely carrots and finely chopped onions added, then offer the final touch of intense flavor.
  • While going with a stovetop pressure cooker, add a small amount of oil to the pressure cooker, as it might be canola oil or olive oil, to go with uncovered medium-high heat.
  • After that, add small batches and brown the food on all sides, move the food to a bowl and set it aside.
  • Back to cooked food previously that moved to the pot along with the remaining ingredients and cooked under the pressure of a pressure cooker.
  • All these steps to be as likely followed to electric cooker as described.
  • Do not go over liquid, as we will seal the pot when cooking under pressure, so it is advisable to use appropriate water when cooking under pressure.
  • Do not fill the pressure cooker with too much food. It is recommended to fill the pressure cooker not more than two third.
  • If too much food is filled in the pot, then activate the cause of safety valves.
  • Do follow the simple instructions in the manufacturer’s manual or check over the recipe booklet to see what exactly the manufacturer recommends.