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Recipes for Electric Pressure Cooker

Top 2 Recipes for Electric Pressure Cooker

Are you interested in cooking in the electric pressure cooker? Can’t find the recipes to cook? Don’t get worried. There are a lot of recipes for an electric pressure cooker available and in this article, I’ll show you a few delicious recipes amongst all.

Are you a novice to electric pressure cooking? I think you’ve never used something like this before to cook your favorite recipes. Am I right?

That’s Okay if you’re a novice to this type of cooking, but don’t know the way to cook in an electric pressure cooker, please keep reading this article to find the solution to your problem.

How to cook in an electric pressure cooker?electric pressure cooker

Here are the things you need to know before using an electric pressure cooker to cook your yummy recipes.

  • Quick and natural release
  • High, medium, and low pressure
  • Pressure indicator
  • Pressure release valve
  • Silicon sealing ring and so on.

By knowing the above factors, you can able to cook well in an electric pressure cooker without any fear. Or else, you’ll be affected by some dangers caused by the electric pressure cooker. So, handle an electric pressure cooker with much care.

What to cook in an electric pressure cooker?

You can able to cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes by using an electric pressure cooker.

Are your recipes doesn’t give the delicious taste you want? It’s so simple. If you need some extra taste in your recipes, cooking those recipes in an electric pressure cooker is the best way.

Recipes for electric pressure cooker:

First, we are going to see the cooking procedure of the “pressure cooking turkey”.

Pressure cooking turkey:

Do you know the procedure for cooking the “Pressure cooking turkey”? If not, follow the instructions to cook the lip-smacking recipe.

Before knowing to cook, you have to learn the ingredients to be added to your delicious recipe. Don’t you have any idea about this? Then, it’s not a problem. Here are the ingredients to add to the recipe”.

Prepare some large yellow onion, fresh sage, rosemary, fresh thyme, 4 whole garlic cloves, and turkey.

Put the turkey into the oven and fry it for 30 minutes until it turns brown in color. Cut the turkey into small pieces, place all the pieces in the pressure cooker and add the above-mentioned ingredients, cook well for 30 minutes and serve the recipe by garnishing with some coriander leaves.

Surely, you and your family will enjoy the yummy taste.

Chicken Marsala:Chicken Marsala

Do you want to know the cooking procedure of chicken Marsala? Here is a list of ingredients to cook Chicken Marsala.

You need some sliced mushrooms, dried basil, sliced onions, minced garlic, dried Oregano, chicken, and pasta noodles.

Put the ingredients except for chicken and pasta noodles in the pressure cooker. Fry for a few minutes. After that, put the chicken back into the pot along with the ingredients.

Cook for a few minutes. And, at the same time prepare pasta noodles; add chicken with the pasta noodles to have a yummy taste.

I hope, you’ve learned two healthy and tasty recipes and served them to your family and friends with joy.