A Complete Guide – How to Install a Water Softener?

Do you want to remove hardness from water? If yes, You must know how to install a water softener. Water softener installation is essential to treat the hard water in the home. A water softener is one crucial machine used to remove hardness-causing ions from the water supply. Here in this article, we will discuss in detail “how to install a water softener.” 

Complex water ions are the leading cause of death to appliances and water boilers. The hard water is not harmful to humans, but you feel tired of dealing with rough skin, and softener installation breaks all your inconveniences and problems. Water softener helps you to get rid of hard water, which contains lots of minerals like magnesium, iron, and calcium.

Pessimistic effects of hard water:

All these are caused because soap does not dissolve in hard water. Sometimes you feel that you are not clean even after the shower. Hard water completely ruins your plumbing fixtures and pipes. Also, you find ugly orange stains on bathroom tiles; all of these are caused due to high ions present in hard water. To escape from all these discomforts, learn how to install a water softener.

Installing a water softener:Installing a water softener

If desire to install a water softener, installing this system is quite daunting. How to install a water softener? I decided to install it yourself without spending extra money on a plumber. Just replacing a water softener applies to done in an hour. But new installation requires additional plumbing knowledge. 

Hard water accompanies minerals that cause bad smells, and many correct these problems by installing a water softener.

How to install a water softener?

There are different types of water softener systems. Based on your needs and desires, select the best place in the best-suited location where you intend to install the water softener. Before installing the water softenertests the hardness of the water. The complexity of the installation process will depend on the type of water softener you selected. 

• Choose the correct location.

• Install the unit

• Add the gravel to the mineral tank and softener resin.

• Install the bypass valve to connect the water supply

• Put in water and salt (use potassium chloride)

• Run a backwash

Installation tips:

• Installation minimizes the damaging effect of hard water.

• Keep the device indoors and place them in a dry place at a constant temperature.

• Always place the system shade in the sunlight.

• Cover the system to protect it from extreme weather conditions

• Connect the home water softener control valve to the brine tank

• Make sure that the appliance is not leaking

Final words:

Plenty of conflicting claims regarding water hardness and health. But the WHO suggests no correlation between water hardness and health effects. Ensure to read the instructions before you do the installations. While locating the water softener disconnects the electricity and water supply. With all this in mind, purchase an excellent unit and deal with hard water.

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