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California Inspired by Aireloom Mattress Company

California Inspired by Aireloom Mattress Company

Aireloom mattress is highly relevant to the comfort mattress!

The Aireloom mattress is a high-end luxury item that has been imaginatively created to be more hygienic and comfier than a typical mattress. As it competes with most of the products on the market, the Aireloom mattress is dependable and provides benefits. We have included the benefits and drawbacks of the Aireloom mattress in this post for your consideration.

Aireloom Mattress Company

The kluft company produces luxury mattresses in various sizes and is the franchise owner of Aire loom. This corporation started operations in a variety of locations, mainly Cucamonga. The first manufacturing facility was opened by Aireloom in California; the second was in Hazelton.

Ideal features of Aireloom mattress

Ideal features of aireloom mattress

This Aireloom mattress is offered in various sizes and materials with absolute luxury grades. The dimensions are enlarged and provide you with the king-size mattress to be constructed in a 7 x 7 ft layout, as this may help you turn about four directions to preserve the life of a mattress.

This mattress is larger than the average king-size mattress, as this preference is highly accommodated for room-sleeping persons.

 Raw materials layered are comfortable.

The layer assisted to Aireloom mattress is highly varied with the composition from one model to another. The layer may positively involve the combination of

  • Wool
  • Latex
  • Cotton
  • Memory foam
  • Regular foam

Diversifying different styles and techniques may give you good firmness and styles to choose from.

Product depiction

The Aireloom mattress series is made specially to suit each body type to provide the best support and stability while alleviating high-weight stress from your body shape in a comfortable environment. Natural fibres are used in the construction and design of this mattress.

A viscoelastic outer shell made of damask cloth and foam is used within the structure.

Some models are featured with

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Latex
  • Foam

The entire appended components are added in their construction process so that the mattress’s comfort and durability are gone longer. It is one product that completely fulfils customer satisfaction with mattresses.

Aireloom mattress

Aireloom mattress benefits:

  • There is no flip design evident in this design.
  • Rotation of luxury mattresses
  • Reduce the amount of wear.
  • Inability to hold heat.
  • The body generates a lot of heat while sleeping, which exposes the mattress.


  • More substantial than the rest.
  • Move and rotate with difficulty.
  • Transport is difficult.
  • Lack of support prevents the mattress from drooping.
  • Sagging causes an uneasy feeling.
  • It is hard to see in many areas of the country.

The Aireloom mattress is expensive and offers the best quality sleep compared to its rivals. The manufacturer gives you access to various sizes and models to fulfil consumers’ needs.