California Inspired by Aireloom Mattress Company

Aireloom mattress is highly relevant to the comfort mattress!

The Aireloom mattress is meant to be a high-end lavishness item creatively designed to be both comfortable and more hygienic, seen higher than the regular mattress. This Aireloom mattress is stable with benefits, as it competes with most products on the market. In this article, we appended the high and low points of the Aireloom mattress for you mean consideration. 

Aireloom Mattress Company

The kluft company owns the Aireloom franchise and produces high-end mattresses in various sizes. This company started the business in various places, mainly in Cucamonga. Aireloom opened its 1st manufacturing unit in CA and 2nd in Hazelton.

Ideal features of Aireloom mattress

This Aireloom mattress is offered in various sizes and materials with absolute luxury grades. The sizes are enlarged and provide you with the king-size mattress to beIdeal features of Aireloom mattress constructed in a 7 x 7 ft of layout, as this may help you turn about four directions to preserve the life of a mattress. 

This mattress is larger than the average king-size mattress, as this preference is highly accommodated for room-sleeping persons. 

Raw materials layered are comfortable.

The layer assisted to Aireloom mattress is highly varied with the composition from one model to another. The layer may highly involve the combination of

  • Wool,
  • Latex, 
  • Cotton, 
  • Memory foam 
  • Regular foam. 

Diversifying different styles and techniques may give you good firmness and styles to choose from. 

Product depiction

The Aireloom line of the mattress is specifically designed to customize the unique body shape to provide the best support and balance to relieve the high exceeded weight pressure from your body shape in a luxury setting. The fibers involved in this mattress design and construction consist of natural fiber.

The outer shell with damask fabric and foam is viscoelastic on the inner portion of the construction. 

Some models are featured withAireloom mattress

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Latex 
  • Foam

The entire appended components are added in their construction process so that the mattress’s comfort and durability are gone longer. It is one product that completely fulfills customer satisfaction with mattresses. 

Benefits of Aireloom mattress

  • Unique design and no flip design seen
  • Luxury mattress rotation
  • Reduce the wear
  • Lack of retaining heat
  • While sleeping, the body reveals high body heat, highlighting the mattress.


  • Heavier than the others
  • Hard to move and rotate
  • Difficult in transport
  • Lack of preventing the mattress from sagging
  • If sagging occurs, then it feels uncomfortable
  • Difficult to see in some parts of the country

Bottom line

Apart from all the others, the Aireloom mattress is expensive and reveals the best qualitative sleep. The manufacturer affords you a variety of sizes and models to meet customer expectations. 


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