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How to Learn to Play Piano

7 Steps on How to Learn to Play Piano

Are you interested on how to learn to play piano? Well, the piano is an iconic instrument to make a beautiful sound. Playing the piano is difficult, but its music is accessible to you if you are ready to play. Many people utilize their boring times to make notes and to play the piano.

If you really and seriously like to learn to play piano and then simply do the 7 steps given in this article. Prior to learning those steps, you need to set up a piano and its accessories. There are several types of piano available in the present musical world and it appears in various sizes, styles, and costs.

Learn to Play Piano

However, a medium-sized piano is best for you to play music and also takes up small spaces. Are you concerned about money? Then it’s not a problem. You may purchase used pianos, but you need to check them out fully before paying for them because that oldpiano maybe gets broken or repaired since you can’t able to play properly and need to spend some amount on repairing it.

But, you don’t pay for a piano which is big in size, because you can’t able to move from one place to another and also it’s challenging to maintain it and its accessories.

7 steps on how to learn to play piano:

In this article, I am going to give you the 7 steps on how to learn to play the piano. If you are a beginner to piano music, then simply follow these steps.

Step #1: Learn about the piano keyboard

The keyboard of a piano repeats its notes from right to left which means low to high and it includes 7 white keys and 5 black keys. And, you need to know how to use those 12 keys of the piano keyboard.

Step #2: Play the piano for simple notes

At first the key ‘C’ and press gently, softly faster, and even harder to know how its release sounds. On the other hand, make use of the 5 black keys too to play music.

Step #3: Listen to plays scale

While playing piano, starts with the key ‘C’ on the left side hand and after pressing the left ‘C’ then use the right hand to press the ‘C’. Often repeat this for all letters of the piano keyboard.

Step #4: Move to harmony

In order to play harmony music, you have to use fingers on both your left and right hand. The method of playing more than one key at the same time is referred to as harmony music.

Step #5: Learn the basics of Sheet music

Actually, learning sheet music notation is very difficult. But, by getting proper guidance from an expert piano teacher, you can study the basics of sheet music language within a week.

Play Piano

Step #6:  Practice using your hands independently

Much piano music asks you to play a rhythm with one hand and another with another hand. Therefore, practice your melody note with the right hand and other complete notes with the left hand.

Step #7:  Practice more

“Practice makes a man perfect”

If you want to play perfectly, then you need to practice more times any musical instruments like Piano, Drum, etc.