How Does an Air Deep Fryer Work?

If you have an experience with the air deep fryer, then you should come to know that the air fryer cooks foods without using oil or less oil right!! But, you know how an air deep fryer works? Not only you but also many people users of deep fryers don’t know the working principle of the air fryer. This is an amazing thing that an air fryer doesn’t require oil to cook crispier foods. So, do you want to know the systemic working of air deep fryers? Keep scrolling!!

How does an air deep fryer work?

As like as many cooking appliances live ovens, the air fryer is also helped to cook foods very quickly and brings the quality of roasting too. In order to prepare crispy food items, it takes only a very small quantity of oil and even some foods don’t need oil. This is the reason why people prefer to use this appliance to lead an oil-free and healthier life. By using this appliance, diet people can able to reduce calorie consumption and enjoy fat-free foods.

But, the major doubt is, how does it cook foods without oil? This is because the air fryer uses rapid air technology that prepares foods without oil.

Rapid air technology:

The rapid air technology of the air fryer generates hot air and circulates it to all sides of the pan inside it. And, it also circulates air at high speed from the top to the bottom of the pan, so ingredients in the pan are heated up and cooked well. This is the major reason why it doesn’t take oil. With the help of this technology, the air fryer prepares crispier and roasted foods.

But, the rapid air technology not only helps air fryers to accomplish it. Yes, along with this technology, there are 2 systems that generate hot air and control it.

Exhausting system:

An exhausting system in the air fryer works to generate hot air inside the pan. In order to create hot air, it works at a very high temperature. By using the temperature, it produces heat in the pan. However, the generated air is not used directly to cook ingredients, apart from that, it is filtered by a filtering system and then moves hot air from top to bottom of the pan.

When you cook with this appliance, you might notice that you didn’t get the smell on the outside, but the food cooked well. This is because the exhausting system doesn’t release air to the outside and circulate it inside the pan.

Cooling fan:

Another important system used in the air fryer is the cooling fan. We all know that an exhausting system produces air, so when it increases what will happen?? In order to control the hot air, a cooling fan is used. The cooling fan does 2 jobs such as controlling hot air and spreading it from top to bottom to reach all ingredients to cook well.

That’s all!! This is the working principle of the air deep fryer and components used inside the system.

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