How did Aireloom Mattress Become a Favorite?

Aireloom Mattress was founded by King Karpen in the 1940s, a 3rd generation master furniture maker and the originator of California comfort.

Still, the advanced techniques are implemented to reveal the most romantic styles evident from the start with the Aireloom mattress. It is entirely redefined as a handcrafted, luxury mattress. 

It has become all’s Favorite by its High Quality.

For its best quality, it is reforming the entire people’s favorite of the rich and famous- all the presidents and movie stars. The Aireloom line was only carried by the finest furniture and department stores, and exclusive home designers would only place an Aireloom in their most discriminating client’s bedrooms. All these impressed people’s minds and were recommended to their friends.

Company Owner

When Mr. Karpen passed away, Aireloom product designs and trademarks were bought by Earl S. Kluft, president and owner of the new Aireloom company, creating a revolutionary in the mattress industry till now.

Recent Trends Aireloom Design

People aim for a good mattress in the tropical and busy world, so the producers design each Aireloom collection’s unique constructions. Thus, each provided you with the best body balance and Support for having wonderful sleeping experiences. The Handcrafted components in an Aireloom product truly redefine the good sleeping occurrence for the whole night without discomfort.

Traditional Aireloom MattressTraditional Aireloom Mattress

Hand Side Stitched – the traditional Aireloom construction is found with the help of a handmade collection only, though there are heavy-duty spring systems, and the cotton-wrapped, hand-side stitched method of finishing is done. The rolled edge collection is offered with the collection of 

  • Profusion of cotton
  • Premium comfort layer
  • Ideal lumbar zoning
  • Meticulous tailoring

Coordinated Support – with exclusive “adapt and react” engineering, feature natural fibers, hand outer tufting, and the reassure of a “nested” pocketed spring system. The only finest natural materials used are the Aireloom mattress – latex, cotton, wool – and the highest quality flexible foams and edge systems are found in this type of mattress collection. Each model is customized with a unique combination of these materials to meet the customer’s comfort needs.

Royal Aireloom Royal Aireloom 

Foam and pocketed springs are the hallmarks of this collection. Heavy foam rail edge systems prevent roll-off. The latest ideas and techniques with advanced comfort layers – Visco, latex, and state-of-the-art foams are provided in combinations to meet the comfort needs and wants of the customer. Attention to detail and delicate hand finishing techniques provide extraordinary value in this type of collection. So people are attracted by these handmade works and natural fibers.

Bottom Line

The collection of natural components and fine finishing with a variety of innerspring highly comforts people’s sleep with plenty of incredible quality features of the Aireloom line. Mostly adequate edge support is provided by foam perimeter rails. The aireloom mattress is the most comfortable in the world. People are used to seeing mattresses and sex in general. 


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